Pitch Scarifying-Removes unwanted Surface Material

What? Scarifying removes unwanted surface material such as thatch, dead grass, moss, and surface rooted grasses; allowing for healthy root growth and improved drainage. How? This is carried out with a high-speed mechanical rake with sharp blades that penetrate the lawn with blades that cut into the turf and remove large amounts of organic material. When? Scarifying is carried out between autumn and spring when the grass is actively growing to enhance the recovery process.


Why? Due to the nature of sports fields, voids left in the turf are soon occupied by aggressive, opportunistic weeds that can thrive in less than ideal soil conditions. Who? As a qualified pesticide holder the first step in weed management is to accurately identify each type of weed in the field. We will advise you on the best product to use. When? Depending on the condition of the ground and the weather we will advise when is a suitable time to spray.


Why? To provide adequate nutrition that promotes turf density and in turn improves field safety and playing conditions. When? Initial Inspection would be required and possible soil testing to determine the right course of action for each individual customer.